Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week 12: Scheduling Steps Towards Achieving Success Within America

Today, everywhere you look, particularly towards the people who have become successful in America and have essentially achieved the American Dream,k there seems to be a secret to their success. Behind these secrets a few of them have acknowledge this is because of their commitment to following steps in order to achieve success in business, work, life and even happiness. Therefore there has been an influx in the publication of 'self-help' books, with this genre become one of the biggest sections in libraries.
Therefore I saw a correlation between success in America and the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

Source: Lawrence, C. 2012. Operation Hennessey. Word Press 

The schedule that Jay Gatsby wrote as a young adult shown by his father to Nick Carraway in chapter nine shows just how much Gatsby is willing to do and how determined he is in order for himself to succeed in what he sets his mind to. The timetable that Gatsby constructed is an early indication of his willingness to better himself through self control and structure. On the other hand general resolves, which include such items as "Be better to parents," provide evidence that he is always trying to improve his well being so that he will become a better person and succeed as an respectable adult.

Continually this theme of stages to achieve success are becoming even more popular in the current era. In relation to a post a couple of weeks ago on whether the American Dream still alive or not, the focus was on an interview with sports memorabilia CEO; Brandon Steiner and how he has in effect achieved the American Dream. He is also a product of using six stages to become successful in business ("6 truths of business") and as he calls them his 'guiding principles'.

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