Sunday, 2 December 2012

America Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of 2012!

All these Super Bowl commercials shows different aspects of American cultural first starting with the "American dream" when talked about Success, new thinking and new ideas which will benefit American society and keep them on top. Especially the idea of Americans wanted to be the first country to produce new ways of life through technology etc, and also continuously developing new ideas.

Moving on this video also emphasis that america has the most talent with first year winner X factor USA contest portraying her talent through singing to royalty which could suggests that Americans are better than the British within talent. However it relates back to the american revolution with the quote "Pepsi for all" which implies Freedom for all. It has that historical context to it. Throughout each commereical identifies an american products with its major theme relating to cars, but also introducing products that can be identified as american consumers such as movies, food, the landscape e.g the wild west. etc

This video overall shows what america has accomplished and that they will continue to develope new ideas and be the first country to invent those new ideas, also shows how pretentious americans are especially in the last commercial. 

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