Sunday, 2 December 2012

Week 11: Advertising for the American consumer

Chrysler Superbowl Commercial

This particular advert was aired during the 2012 Super Bowl demonstrating halftime in America, narrated by an American icon; Clint Eastwood.
The husky words that are spoken from the outset speak of the hardship in America, with reference to people being out of work and wondering how they are going to make a comeback. Typical of the United States; you can say they never want to be left behind, never forgotten and always ready to fight. Hence the Clint Eastwood express that 'This isn't a game'.

 By picturing the city flag of Detroit and referring to their history whereby the city was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1805. It gives a sense of pride and endurance, especially when the American flag is shown straight after, confirming the importance of national unity, reiterated in Eastwood saying we find our way through hard times'.

The images of the industrial industry throughout Detroit and expressing that by all pulling together they start to fight again. On the other hand showing the industrial industry literally is a representation of the city and state being part of the rust belt in America.

As the advert goes on it shows images of protest and states with it that with blame, division and discord in America that they had become unfocused therefore making it hard to see what's ahead; 'It seems we've lost our heart at times'. Thereby showing pictures of different nationalities it denotes that America is changing it history and diversifying themselves throughout it's population. Thus holding an important American value of equality and freedom for all.

Nonetheless this advert doesn't necessarily have a positive message, for example by saying 'if we can't find a way, then we'll make one'.  But also making sure they can win; 'How do we come together , How do we win?'. This can just be seen as aggressive and hot headed which has got them into trouble in the past, most notably their involvement in the Vietnam War.

In all this advert's message is about American morale and how they won't be discouraged no matter what may be thrown at them. They are a powerful nation and how the world will know just how powerful they can be.  This country cannot be knocked out with one punch'....'we get right back up and when we do the worlds going to hear the roar of our engines'. and how end of the advert can be seen as motivation for America to prove this with Clint Eastwood saying 'Our second half is about to begin'. 

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