Sunday, 2 December 2012

American commercial

The commercial posted above is an advert attempting to promote and sell a new car; more specifically, the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette. The advert features images of scientists building the first successful space craft that  landed men on the moon back in 1969.

The commercial begins with an image of JFK, the iconic president, that was largely seen as the main reason for the successful landing of man on the moon. It paints America in a light that they were the only ones daring enough, and their science developed enough to allow them to land man on the moon before any other nation. It then goes on to show some scientific experiments being done in a laboratory in order to build the rocket that would perform the mission. The lab scenes again show how America was so advanced in it's technology and scientific information that they were able to build such a device. The commercial goes on to mention that America no longer make rockets (due to the space program decommissioning these types of mission), and has now changed it's priorities into building this car. It compares the new Chevrolet (in it's importance) to that of the building of the space shuttle that successfully landed man on the moon (which is ridiculous).

The car model barely features in the advert, except for the last few seconds. It shows the viewer that this car has become America's new 'rocket', which every American would like to have, due to it's significance and how it relates to the fact that their country was the first one to land on the moon. It shows me that America is very materialistic if they are supposed to believe that this car is in any way related to the building of a space shuttle.

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