Monday, 10 December 2012

Materialism The Great Gatsby

Materialism is a powerful element, within the novel and in a sense symbolized Gatsby Interpretation of the American Dream. Which involves the idea of pursuing daisy through finding away for him to enable to receive theses materialism things by throwing parties and inviting guest of high status.

In materialistic Society it shows that people want things and they want it now the more materialistic things they have determines their social status. However what is very humorous about the American dream within this novel suggests that people who want the american dream is after  the materialism side of having a big house, money, things that you couldn't buy if you was poor eg. name brand designers. socializing with people they feel are highly respectable in society because of the size of their wallet.

Materialism and social status is still relevance within America today especially shown within celebrity culture. For instance with Kim kardashian wedding the need to publicize her wedding day, the need to buy a very large cake, shows the materialism side, When a  wedding day should just be about a man and women getting married not showing the guest how much her wedding cost. The social side comes into only celebrities with  status in the celebrity culture could attend her wedding even though she probably talked to them once.

This relates back to Gatsby party guest. 

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