Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 9: Pro vs Anti - Gun Control

Anti- Gun Control

Image from WAGV Pinterest site:

This website is called 'Women Against Gun Violence' (WAGV) and their aim is to inform the public and the media about the human, financial and public health consequences that follows gun violence  they also want to encourage local communities to take crucial action against the dangers of firearms. With their principles they state that the program takes into hand the issues of  'today' whilst focusing on 'tomorrow'.
Interestingly that all those who make up the WAGV are made up of people who have lost a loved one to gun violence or have actually survived a gun shot wound themselves.
What's most important to this organisation is that they acknowledge and are hugely concerned with the number of billboards with advertisements along with bus stop poster's that portray and glamorise gun violence. Unfortunately this type of advertising is setting a bad example for the younger generation, WAGV have identified this with the many billboards and posters situated near primary schools, high schools as well as in neighbourhoods where violent gangs are known. Thus the marketing of guns and gun violence attaining to an accessible audience.

This video is similar to that of the anti-gun website above as Eric Holder a US attorney talks about how gun control should be advertised to promote the negatives that accompany guns. He quotes that the country needs to be 'brainwashed' into thinking differently about the way they look at guns and the seriousness of them.

Pro-Gun Control

ThinkProgress. (2009, November 23). Gun Lobby Mobilizes Against Health Reform By Claiming Obama Administration Will Issue ‘No Guns’ Decree. Retrieved November 2012, from Think Progress:

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit organisation who's intention is to preserve and defend the Second Amendment whereby the public have the right to own a gun. GOA consider that firearm ownership is an act of freedom. Therefore they quote "Americans have lost some of our precious gun rights and WE WANT THEM BACK! ". This can be seen as possibly a bit fervent but to this organisation their rights have truly been threatened and they are willing to fight to protect what they believe as rightfully there's, mostly from who they call the overzealous government anti-gun bureaucrats.

This video can be viewed along with the GOA as an extremist viewer who is deeply passionate about gun control in America. Stating in a heated discussion and quite crassly points out that "anybody who wants to disarm me; can drop dead!". 

So who wins?

On my part I don't believe there will be a unanimous winner on whether people should be pro or anti- gun control; with both debates equally compelling. However personally the side that is more valuable and promotes the most vital argument that will in effect benefit the wider population would be that of the anti-gun debate supported by the Women Against Gun Violence. For the reason that the media does indeed glorify guns and in this ever growing day of age where children are getting younger and becoming more susceptible to the harsh world and just how ruthless it is, therefore there needs to be restrictions on what they can see in terms of violence in order to protect their innocence.

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