Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gun control websites.

Gun owners of America website is a website promoting the use and possession of guns by the population of America in order to keep themselves safe. The site is mainly a place with up to date news stories of how possessing guns has helped a certain individual in defending themselves or others from harm with the intervention of their very own gun. Their main aim is to defend and preserve the nation's right to bear arms in accordance with the 2nd amendment.

The website also has news of events that have occurred in which the right to keep and bear arms has come into question, see;, ability to email straight to the US senate =, joining the campaign to help prevent the injustice of the government taking away their guns. The website is set up in a way where it makes the individuals that own guns seem as if they are being given a hard time and being forced into giving up their rights. It makes the individuals attempting to change/limit gun control laws as the bad men that are attempting to infringe upon their 2nd amendment rights.

Coalition to stop gun violence. This website is obviously against the ownership of guns for the people of America. The website aims to secure individuals into the mindset that the ownership and usage of guns in homes, public etc is far worse for the country and the people involved (death rates) than it would be if nobody owned a gun except the relevant authorities. There are pages that encourage donations to the cause, and also a direct link to email elected officials in your state, in order to tell them of the negatives of gun ownershpi/current law, stating that telling people about the problem will encourage them to change the laws involving gun ownership/control. The website, to me, is less convincing than that of the pro-gun control website; although it still brings up some good points. The media section involves current debated topics surrounding the negativity involved with the use of guns (assault weapons readily available in 35 states). The website also does not state ways in which the change to gun laws would help the population, rather they focus on the negatives that the current gun laws have on the population as the main source for all their arguments, rather than finding ways to improve the current situation.

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