Sunday, 11 November 2012

Week 8: Obama vs Romney the 2012 Election

The results were in and the people of America had decided that Democrat President Barrack Obama would lead their county for a second term! Winning against his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

However this electoral contest didn't go without criticism for both parties, thus being banded one of the most tightly run race seen in years. With neither party being hailed as a definite front runner right up until the day that counted on 7th November 2012.

Obama was able to win under many reasons for example people thought the economy was actually getting better rather than it getting worse in parts, such as unemployment not actually getting any higher than 8% although most voters concentrated on the fact housing and consumer sentiment was steadily recovering.

Most importantly was that Obama ably won the so called 'swing states' that vitally gave him the electoral votes he need to ensure is presidency for a second term. Statistics show that Obama won these states because he has much more offices, volunteers and voters than Mitt Romney, despite the fact they both campaign immensely particularly in Florida, Iowa and Ohio.

A great website to see the breakdown of electoral results and percentages for each state is:

Despite losing this presidential race Mitt Romney has won in other sectors of the government, in terms of the House of Representatives the Republicans have 233 seats compared to 194 for the Democrats. This can prove dangerous for President Obama as the federal legislations will now be in the republican favour thus possibly proving difficult for President Obama and so he needs to negotiate policies that fit everyone's best interest.

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