Sunday, 7 October 2012

Week 2: A Contrasting View Of The USA Map

When finding this map I thought it was rather interesting to see a perspective from America onto the rest of the world, as well as a reflection onto themselves.

This is a parody map (joke) shows the world as Ronald Reagan (US president 1980-1988) might have seen it. Even though it is a parody it produces quite a polarity: on one side it shows a view of the world which is no longer in existence, such as the USSR; and on the other hand, it illustrates an outlook on the rest of the world as a modern day pictorial of American culture and foreign policy.

The map can be seen more as a divide of Us vs Them, and within that there are subsidiary's of the 'good' guys and the 'bad'. For example those considered the bad guys can be seen as communist and socialist regimes, like those of the USSR, Poland, Iran and most interestingly 'Their China'; who contribute to communism.
Nonetheless the good guys are inclusive of the UK (or seen as a subsidiary of Disneyland), Our China (Taiwan), Grenada and more, because according to the notion of Ronald Reagan's world are liberated

More so within the USA itself is divided into what can be also seen a the good vs bad guys. With California taking up the majority of the land as well as the Republicans and 'real Americans ; suggesting these are the areas that Ronald Reagan would have been most popular and thrived in. And yet the areas east of the White House seen as Democrats and Welfare bums plus the small area in the top right of America named as Ecotopia would have been the 'bad' guys.

However the discussions on this map have been varied mostly with the right wing critiquing the map as NOT how Ronald Reagan saw the world but instead a political caricature of the self proclaimed perception that he talked about. 

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