Sunday, 14 October 2012

Opinions of American withdrawal from Iraq

The article I chose did not specifically talk about Iraq's view to American politics, but rather the impact of the withdrawal of US troops from their country. It suggests that America's withdrawal from the country will breath a collective sigh of relief for anyone not wishing either Iraq or America harm. The war on terror had a detrimental effect on all countries involved; highlighted by;

Impact on Iraq:

  • human casualties; unbearably high.
  • Iraqi economy; in ruins
  • social fabric; torn apart
  • home security; out of control
  • national heritage; skimmed, dispersed, damaged or simply vanished.
  • proximity to democratic rule; negligible.

Suggesting that the end of such a conflict could help restore the country back to some semblance of normality and control. The end of the war could enable the Arab world to at last be seen from the prism of home-grown values: such as personal liberties, an independent judicial system, fair elections, social justice and accountability, rather than the catalyst in the war on terror.

'The annals of history are filled with examples of something good sometimes coming out of terrible and ill-conceived wars and human follies. Let's hope that this Iraq war will be one such example and a new dawn in Arab-American relations will bring about a mutually beneficial future'

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