Sunday, 28 October 2012

Week 5 blog post. Starting again.

"Perhaps you got married or started a family. Maybe you didn't get enough financial aid, or you couldn't keep up with your schoolwork in addition to job responsibilities. Or perhaps you had a bad semester, you didn't have clear direction and goals for your education and your career, or you just didn't feel like college was worth your time and energy.  But your situation has changed. You might be in a better position to devote time to studying, or you might just be more willing to put in the effort so that your education can take you where you want to go in life. Whatever the case may be, going back to college after dropping out is a brave choice, one you won't regret."

As this advertisement suggests, any individual has the opportunity to go back to college (university) if they have dropped out. It emphasizes De Crevecouer's idea that people in American society have the opportunity to start over with a 'clean slate.' It states that although an individual's first attempt at something wasn't perfect or complete, it is completely down to them to see if they wish to attempt to repeat their desire, hoping for a different outcome. 

"If you're planning on going back to college after dropping out, odds are good that you'll perform better than you did the first time around. College dropouts who go back to school usually have a better idea of what to expect from higher education and more clearly defined outcomes."

This section of the advertisement gives the reader hope that their second attempt at completing their studies will be far easier to complete, suggesting they are far more likely to succeed in their goal to complete the course. It goes on to say that the individuals teaching classes, are far happier with more mature students, as they bring higher levels of motivation, seriousness and maturity.  It makes the reader believe that they will in fact be a positive influence if they choose to go back to university, that their decision to return, will not only be beneficial to them, by allowing they to 'start over', but also to the teachers teaching them and the students around them. The advertisement shows that it is perfectly acceptable to want to start over, agreeing with De Crevecouer's idea of 'starting again'.

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