Saturday, 29 September 2012

Week 1: Contrasting views on America!

This is my positive view on America. The SUPERBOWL!
It's become a mass holiday, where hundreds of millions of Americans tune in to watch two teams hurt one another to win the all important Vince Lombardi Trophy. For me the Superbowl represent real American grit and determination to do its state proud. Also with this game the american spirit and love for the nation is never far away; the flying of its flag and the belting of the national anthem reinforces the unity and pride for its country.

What's negative about America? Simple. Guns.
I immediately think of these horrid, violence encouraging weapons, as giving a person such power in their hand that could in effect change their life and others forever.
The fact that America have a law where they have the right to bare arms, makes me so scared that a person can go into a store and buy one right off the shelf in a matter of minutes. Plus what is so sickening is that there is no federal law that prevents a minor access to guns. Over 30,000 people a year are killed because of guns in America, notably the second highest reason for cause of death.

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