Sunday, 30 September 2012

Positives and negatives of America

This image is of Time Square, located in midtown Manhattan in New York City. It is seen as major center of the world's entertainment industry. Not to mention is one of the most iconic and recognizable places in the entire World. It is also referred to as the 'crossroads of the world'. I've chosen this image, as to me, it reflects America's power, not only by the amount of different businesses and companies that are run here, but by also the level of attention that it receives  not only from Americans, but from Tourists from all over the world. The levels of tourism at this one section of an American city shows the extent to which foreign people revere the United States. It shows me for all the negatives people find in American, there are places that people will travel from all over the world, just to view a small crossroads in New York.

This image shows one of the negatives of the United States of America. Gun Violence. In america between 40-45% of households has a gun. The 'right to bear arms' signifies a law in which an individual has a personal right to firearms for individual use. This means that significantly more people have easy access to weapons than if the law was not in effect. In 2008, 10,886 Americans were killed through gun violence. The sheer number of Americans living in the United States means that guns are accessible to almost anyone, regardless of age, meaning the number of people killed by a gun is ever likely to increase until something is done to forbid the right to carry or keep a weapon.

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